Public Ledger

We believe in transparency which is equivalent to honesty. This ledger will not only help us in organizing everything but will also help others understand how our plan at OCD FREE INDIA works.

19-10-2017:   Rs.2500 received from Mr Vipul Aggarwal through Paytm

Purpose:  Creation of the website

The total cost incurred: Rs.3064.20

Rest amount paid by Gourav Kundu

06-03-2018: Rs.5000 received from Mr Gajendra Jain through the Direct account to account money transfer facility

Purpose: For free medicine distribution to the financially struggling section of the society

In the month of March, we received only one request for medicines. The beneficiary is Mr Ankur Sansarwal from Haryana.

Medicines purchased on 04-04-2018

1.)Stalopam Plus 60 tabs

2.)Oxipen 25mg 30 tabs

3.) D- Veniz 50  30 tabs

Total cost: 1110 INR

Medicines are prescribed at Bathla Psychiatric Hospital Karnal (picture of the prescription has been received by Gourav Kundu)

Medicine Receipt

paperwork: Rs.10

Registered Post charge: Rs.41

Tracking details:

Consignment number: EJ173948460IN


Website maintenance charge: Rs.25 (0.5% of Rs.5000)

Amount Left out of Rs.5000 = 3839 – 25 = 3814 INR (05-04-2018)


08-04-2018: Rs.500 received from Tom (donor wants anonymity) through the Direct account to account money transfer facility

Website maintenance charge: Rs.2.5 (0.5% of Rs.500)

Available balance for medicines and therapy: Rs. 4314-2.5= 4311.5 INR (08-04-2018)

05-05-2018: Money spent:- Rs. 699

In the month of April, we received only one request for medicines and hence no random selection took place.

The name of the beneficiary is Mr Kashinath Radhaji Waghmare

Medicines prescribed at Mann Hospital Pune by Dr Jagdish N.

Medicines requested:

FLUVOXAMINE 100 mg 30 tabs

Clonazepam 0.5 mg 30 tabs

The requested medicines have been mailed to the aforesaid person through Indian Post

track id cum receipt

Tracking id: EJ174017690IN  (

Medicine receipt 1
Medicine receipt 2


Money was spent in the following manner:

Rs. 608: Fluvoxamine 100mg

Rs. 35: Clonazepam 0.5mg

Rs. 41: India post

Rs. 09: Envelope and gum

Rs. 06: Paperwork

Total: 699

Available balance as on 05-05-2018

Rs. 4311.5 – Rs.699 = 3612.5 INR

10-05-2018: Rs.282.97 received from Ms Annapurna Chintalapudi through Paypal

Actual amount sent by the donor: $5

Paypal fee: $0.63

Received money after deduction of fee: Rs. 282.97

The available amount in the fund as on 10-05-2018: Rs. 3895.47


07-08-2018: Rs.2000/- received from Mr/Ms Anonymous through Direct money transfer

Purpose: For the free medicines campaign

Remaining amount in the fund as of 11-08-2018: Rs. 5895.47

25-09-2018: Rs. 1759.43 transferred to the bank account of Mr Rahul Patil

Purpose : To purchase medicines and send them to “KASHINATH RADHAJI WAGHMARE”.

Update as on 25-09-2018 05:43pm : medicines has been sent successfully via Indian speed post (mail) and can be tracked  by the help of this id: EM390206485IN.

Remaining amount in the fund as of 25/09/2018: Rs. 5895.47 – 1759.43 = Rs. 4136.04


21-05-2019: Rs.2,500 transferred to the bank account of Mr Shubham Bansal

Purpose: to purchase medicine from Dr Ravinder Singh Rathore.

Remaining amount in the fund as of 21-05-2019 Rs. 4136.04-2500 = Rs. 1636.04


27-11-2019: Bulk updates as follows:

Donations for website by various people

23-10-2019 Rs. 100/- by Mr. Taffy

23-10-2019 Rs. 1000/- by Mr. Rahul Patil

23-10-2019 Rs. 2501/– by Mr. Gajendra Jain

23-10-2019 Rs. 100/- by Mr. Abhishek Sharma

23-10-2019 Rs. 100/- by Mr. Jogesh

23-10-2019 Rs. 301/- by Mrs. Vidya

Total Donations on 23-10-2019 = Rs. 4102 + Rs. 1636.04 (earlier balance)= Rs.  5738.04/-

Expense on 23-10-2019 for domain registration and hosting renewal = Rs. 1974.85 & Rs. 450.35 on 24-11-2019 for extension of hosting period till 24-12-2019

Total expense = Rs. 2425.20/-

Remaining Balance as on 27-11-2019 = Rs. 5738.04 – 2425.20 = Rs. 3312.84/- 

click here to view payment history  (payment made to godaddy) for domain and hosting service so far


02-12-2019: Rs. 5000/- received from Mr. Santosh Kumar Narahari for free medicines to the needful suffering from OCD

Remaining balance as on 14-12-2019 = Rs. 3312.84 + Rs. 5000 = Rs. 8312.84/-