Diary 2.2.1

This is a real story of a person who has requested to keep his identity hidden. The Hindi translation shall be done by the writer.

Q1.) May we know the place you come from?

–North Karnataka.

Q2.) How do you earn your livelihood?


Q3.) Do you face any difficulty in studying new things or while at work?

–It’s difficult to learn new things.

Q4.) How did you first come across the word “OCD”?

–Internet Facebook groups where my symptoms matched.

Q5.) Are you still under treatment?

–Yeah OCFRIL 50, LOREL 2.0 ( Readers are advised to take medicines only and only after getting prescription from a registered practicioner)

Q6.) How would you rate your OCD percentage at this time?


Q7.) When we speak about the symptoms, would you mind speaking about the thoughts that bothered you the most?

–I have social anxiety disorder as well as feeling of embarrassment when not able to ask, either help or involve in any task and where social team work is necessary. For example: If i would like to play music in the car and one of my uncles or anybody is there, I cannot do it. Maybe I think I might make some mistake or he may abuse me.

Q8.) What message would you like to convey to those who are still struggling to get out of this trap(problem)?

–Don’t postpone your dreams, accept it and get yourself busy.

Q9.) If I ask you, what role the Indian government can play in creating awareness about OCD?

–I have worked for a trust which works for disabled students, although for a short period. They get funds from corporate sector and utilize it for education, job etc. Here we too, can get grants or discount on therapies ( which are not affordable for all ), or for medicines at least. Some skill development schemes too help such as data entry soft skills which would give them the base for livelihood.


Note: If you’re also a sufferer or a conqueror of OCD and want to share your true story with others you may directly contact the author and founder of this website. Thank you.