Diary 2.1.1

ocd hindi

Q1.) May we know the place you come from?

-I am from the central part of India.

Q2.) How do you earn your livelihood?

-I used to teach in a college but I quit and now I am thinking about home tuition.

Q3.) Do you face any difficulty in studying new things or while at work?

-Obsessions are still there and it is very difficult for me to concentrate on a particular subject for a long period of time. I find it tough to retain things I read in my mind.

Q4.) How did you first come across the word “OCD”?

-I came to know about OCD about five years ago when I noticed something peculiar in my behaviour. When I read on the internet I came to a conclusion that I have had OCD. I had to face financial problems as well but despite that, I never gave up and continued my studies. I completed M.Tech in thermal engineering and at present, I am capable to teach in any engineering college in the post of an assistant professor.

Q5.) Are you still under treatment?

-No, I had to put a stop to my treatment and I am planning to resume it after my financial condition gets better (in a month or two).

Q6.) If we speak about the symptoms, would you mind speaking about the thoughts that bothered you the most?

-At first, I had contamination OCD and then checking symptoms came surfaced. I had to check the lock of motorcycle and switching off lights of my room. Then I had to deal with sexual thoughts and the themes kept on changing but most of the times I had to work on contamination and checking behaviour.

Q7.)  What message would you like to convey to those who are still struggling to get out of this trap(problem)?

-I want to say to those people who are suffering from this condition, “Brothers, never ever lose your determination and if you are a student then don’t even think of quitting studies. If you can’t afford the private psychologists then go for the public ones but stick to the advice of the doctor. Medication is important and I am pretty sure that one day will come when you’ll be out of it.

Q8.) If I ask you, what role the Indian government can play in creating awareness about OCD?

-The Indian government can provide the treatment including medicines at a subsidised rate so that those people who are suffering from financial issues can also get treatment on time and hassle-free.