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This page has been created by Gourav Kundu with a motive to create awareness among Indians ( and others too ) about OCD aka Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The content belongs to the author but is free to be shared with others only after mentioning the source. The readers may switch between the Hindi language and the English one through the link provided at the top of each post. This initiative is not associated with the Indian government and should not be mistaken as Indian government site.To contribute to this project or for any query or complaints one can contact the author directly by tapping the Contact option. To join the Facebook group follow: Facebook Group.

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Gourav Kundu


Gourav is a passionate bilingual blogger and has been writing online for years. He is a graduate with English literature as majors from St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi (India). After suffering from OCD since childhood and finally reaching the remission period he decided to dedicate his life to helping others recover from the disorder by creating awareness among the Indians and the Indian society. At present, he is pursuing government job to sustain himself and support his family as well. In order to motivate him to write more articles for a noble cause and for development of this website, one can donate directly to the author by clicking the "Donate" button.


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Abhishek (abk)

You guys can follow him @abksharma Handles across the web. He like helping people with Mental health problems and Himself studied CBT and is a certified CBT Practitioner. Ping Him for help.